About Us


Our mission is to improve the quality of life in Collier County by connecting donors to community needs and providing leadership on critical community issues.

All community foundations share the goals of serving donors, nonprofit organizations, and their communities as a whole. The Community Foundation of Collier County, founded in 1985, places its donors’ charitable donations into a coordinated investment pool, designed for growth, and distributes grants and scholarships with one goal: to make positive change in Collier County for good and forever.

Every day,we promote corporate philanthropy and provide donors with valuable resources, community knowledge and staff expertise. We work with families, individuals, attorneys, estate and financial planners to devise gift plans that fit every economic situation; ensuring that donors’ charitable contributions are used for maximum benefit. We make grants that create positive impact. We identify current and emerging issues, help channel resources to address our community’s needs, and help our region prepare for the future.

The Community Foundation of Collier County is governed by a Board of Directors and several committees and is administered by a staff of nine. Our operating expenses are paid from management fees and from gifts designated by donors to cover those costs.

Visit cfcollier.org to learn more about the Community Foundation of Collier County.

Our appreciation to the sponsors of our NONPROFIT DIRECTORY: The Naples Daily News and an anonymous donor.