Yes; I am an authorized representative of a nonprofit agency and want to submit a Profile for review.

Eligibility Criteria

To appear in THE NONPROFIT DIRECTORY, nonprofit agencies must meet all of the following criteria:

  • Have 501(c)(3) status.
  • Serve Collier County or part of a SW Florida Funders Group
  • File an IRS Form 990, 990-EZ or IRS 990-N

THE NONPROFIT DIRECTORY does not accept profile requests from government agencies or from religious institutions that operate primarily for religious purposes (churches, synagogues, places of worship).

Getting Started - An Overview

1. To request a profile for your organization, send an email to Mary George, Vice President of Commuity Grnatmaking, at Include the following information in your email:

  • Organization Name (as it appears on your IRS letter)
  • Tax ID Number (EIN Number on your IRS letter)
  • Name and email address of person who is authorized to complete your profile

2. Once you have recieved an email from Mary George registering you as a manager for your organization and providing you with log-in credentials, you can create your Profile. Important note: More than one member of your organization can register to manage the Profile; do not use one login for multiple people.)

3. THE NONPROFIT DIRECTORY is an online, self-entry process. Creating a profile will take about four hours. You will enter information about your organization's programs, needs, board, history, etc. Your profile must complete and posted on the our website within four weeks of your receipt of credentials.

To make the data entry process more efficient and more prodiuctive, gather the following documents before you begin:


  • Organizational contact information
  • Form 990 and Statements from the past 3 Fiscal Years
  • Audited Financial Statements from the past # Fiscal Years
  • Organizational chart
  • Most recent operating budget
  • List of current board members
  • Demographics served
  • Program description(s) and program budget details

 4. The Community Foundation of Collier County will verify and/or enter information into the financial section. The Profile will be provided to your organization's leadership for approval before publication. We can provide coaches to assist you with the Profile process.

Completing Your Profile Step By Step

1. Click Edit Profile. Complete all required fields and upload required documentation. Note: For Required fields, a small green bar appears to the left of the field.

2. Complete optional fields to give your Profile "something extra" and to make it stand out.

3. Use the Help text below each field to guide your entries.

4. Fields requiring narrative (such as impact statement, CEO statement, program descriptions, etc.) should be written succinctly and be compelling. Don’t be afraid to use bullet points. Think: “Is this too long for a donor to read and remember?”

5. Use the Other Documents section to upload your annual report, brochures, newsletters, etc. (Only field Other 3 is viewable by the public.)

6. After all fields are complete and all required documents are uploaded, click the button at the top of the page labeled Review Changes to Publish or Send Back. A button labeled Send to Community Foundation will appear. Click this button to send us your Profile. We will review it and contact you with questions and when it has been approved for publishing.


About Entering and Uploading Data

Save your work as you go, using the Save for Later button at the top of the page. After completing a section, use the Save and Continue button at the bottom of the page. Any required fields you have not completed will be listed in red.

Upload required documents in PDF format. Documents should not be larger than 10MB. (Many free PDF converters are available online such as

If you are copying and pasting data, first paste the original data into Notepad to strip any formatting. Copy it from Notepad and paste into the field.

Your logo must be uploaded in JPEG or GIF format and be 150 X 150 pixels. Photo uploads must be uploaded in JPEG or GIF format and be 320 X 240 pixels

Achieving Reviewed Status - Completing Required Fields

Some fields in THE NONPROFIT DIRECTORY are required; others are optional. Before your organization receives “Reviewed by Your Community Foundation” status, you must complete all required fields. For instance, if you do not have a strategic plan, answer “no” in the “strategic plan” field. If you have a strategic plan, answer “yes” and upload your plan so that Community Foundation staff can verify that document.

Here are some of the required fields:


▪ Year of incorporation

▪ Mission Statement

▪ Needs Statement (Five most important needs)

▪ Geographic Area Served


▪ Name of at least on program (Share up to 5)

▪ Program Description

▪ Program Budget

▪Target Population Served

▪ Program Short-Term Successes

▪ Program Long-Term Successes

▪ Examples of Program Success

▪ Program Success Monitored by


▪ Board Member Names & Affiliations

▪ Board Chair Term

▪ Board Demographics (Ethnicity & gender)

▪ Board Term Lengths & Limits

▪ Board Meeting Attendance % (past fiscal year)

▪ Percentage of Board Members Making Monetary Contributions

▪ Board Self-Evaluation (yes or no?)

▪ Board Orientation (yes or no?)


▪ Number of Full-time, Part-time Staff

▪ Number of Volunteers

▪ Number of Contract Staff

▪ Staff Retention Rate (Over last year)

▪ Professional Development

▪ Formal Evaluation of Staff (Yes or no? and Frequency)

▪ State Charitable Solicitations Permit Exp. Date

▪ Collaborations


▪ Current Income/Expense Projections

▪ Fiscal Year Start/End Date


Optional Fields

You do not have to complete the optional fields to receive the “Reviewed by Your Community Foundation” icon. However, your Profile will be more robust and compelling with additional information.


The following represents some of the optional fields:



▪ Impact Statement

▪ CEO Statement

▪ Board Chair Statement

▪ Background Statement

▪ Former Names

▪ Facebook/ Twitter Links



▪ Board Co-Chair Term

▪ Number Of Board Meetings/Year

▪ Percentage Of Board To Give In-Kind Contributions



▪ CEO Compensation

▪ Former CEO & Term Dates

▪ CEO Experience

▪ Senior Staff & Experience

▪ Business Continuity Plan

▪ Risk Management Provisions

▪ Management Reports Provided To Board (Yes Or No?)